Frost of Winter Set


Frost of Winter Set

Frost of Winter Set consists of:

  1. Eglips Blur Wearing Foundation
  2. Eglips Velvet Fit Tint
  3. Winter Design Notebook

$32.30 $22.30

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1 x Eglips Blur Wearing Foundation

  • Light and Fits closely to your skin
  • Triple Functionality: UV Protection, Wrinkle Improvement, Brightening
  • Moisturizing Natural Ingredients that are gentle to skin
  • Long Lasting Ability with non-sticky formulation


1 x Eglips Velvet Fit Tint

  • Adheres perfectly to your lips with special formula
  • Real Velvety smooth texture that covers lip wrinkles very well
  • Light and comfortable fit for long lasting look!

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Frost of Winter Set

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