Breeze of Autumn Set


Breeze of Autumn Set

Breeze of Autumn Set Consists of:

  1. Eglips Apple Fit Cream Blusher
  2. Eglips Real Color Lipstick
  3. Eglips Touch on Touch Flash Glitter
  4. Autumn Design Notebook

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1 x Eglips Apple Fit Cream Blusher

  • Cream balm type that moisturizes without stickiness
  • Smudge proof and applies evenly to your skin, concealing blemishes
  • Clear and vivid colors


1 x Eglips Real Color Lipstick

  • Consisting of variety of textures like Glossy, Creme de Satin and Semi-matte
  • No wrinkle appearance, giving you excellent texture
  • Contains excellent natural moisturizer like Rose Hip Oil and Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil


1 x Eglips Touch On Touch Flash Glitter

  • Eyeliner + Eye Shadow
  • Water based Glitter Eyeliner
  • Silky Soft Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • Dual pearls and function for perfect eye makeup!

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Breeze of Autumn Set

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