BBIA Mystery Box

BBIA Mystery Box

Purchase the BBIA special mystery box with HALLYU SG promo code!



1 x BBIA Spa Foundation

- Luminous finish with carbonic acid water contained rich of mineral from Jeju. - Long lasting and water proof effect with W/S TYPE EMULSION - Clear skin without darkening and clamminess. - Apply with moisture and delivers freshness to your skin.


1 x BBIA Cashmere Shadow

  • Added New Blanc Series!
  • Light and Soft like Cashmere
  • Luxurious and Jewel colors
  • Creates elegant look with cozy feel


1 x BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Slim

  • Super Slim 2mm Lead for precise drawing
  • Smooth gliding texture for easy application
  • Long lasting and Multi Proof!


1 x BBIA Downy Cheeks

* New Colors! - Contains natural ingredients for moisturizing: jojoba, sweet almond, grape seed oil - Born by inspiring on baby’s cheek, the most lovely creamy blusher in the world. - Create flawless and poreless baby’s cheek with creamy soft texture. - Specialized 5 colors without darkening and flushing.


1 x BBIA Last Velvet Lip Tint *Series 1 to 4* (20 Exciting Colours)

*New Colors! - Velvet mousse texture, light like the air. - Long lasting clear make up with long wearing formula. - Vivid color and gorgeous shining with a single touch.

  • Description


Special Limited Number BBIA Mystery Box with special price exclusively for Hallyu SG promotion code! (Coupon Code: hallyusg_bbia)

BBIA Mystery Box contains:

1) Face – BBIA Spa Foundation Cushion x 1
2) Eyes – BBIA Cashmere Shadow x 1
3) Eyes – BBIA Auto Gel Eyeliner (Slim Edition) x 1
4) Cheeks – BBIA Downy Cheeks x 1
5) Lips – BBIA Velvet Lip Tint x 1
6) HANURSINBIHAN MASKS x 2 (Usual Price: $2.50 for 1)
7) FREE BBIA T-SHIRT x 1 (Usual Price: $10.9)

* Only Limited Number available, please ensure that the promotional code from Hallyu SG is entered under “coupon” tab for special price!

* Only 1 Coupon code applicable for 1 Mystery Box per cart

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