Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup



Eye Shadow

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    Eglips Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow

    • *New Colors Added!
    • Special Pearl extract formula
    • Liquid Type light finish with soothing feel
    • Long lasting and fast drying
    $9.00 $7.20
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    Eglips Touch On Touch Flash Glitter

    • Eyeliner + Eye Shadow
    • Water based Glitter Eyeliner
    • Silky Soft Shimmer Eye Shadow
    • Dual pearls and function for perfect eye makeup!
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    Eglips Muse in Shadow

    • Rich Vivid colors
    • Long lasting ability without flaking throughout the day
    • Soft fine particles for even and smooth texture
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    BBIA Cashmere Shadow

    • Added New Blanc Series!
    • Light and Soft like Cashmere
    • Luxurious and Jewel colors
    • Creates elegant look with cozy feel
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    BBIA Last Eye Primer

    • Enhances your subsequent eye makeup!
    • Strong adhesion with close fit
    • Powerful coloring that enhances your eye makeup
    • Long lasting, prevent smudging
    Earn 85 Reward Points
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    Eglips Stick Shadow 2

    • Natural eye make up with smooth texture
    • Vivid color with natural look
    • Long-lasting and Waterproof! Perfect make up that stays on throughout the day
    • Cushion-tipped applicator is easy to use
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    BBIA Jewel Shadow

    – Velvet smooth touch

    – Create glamorous eye makeup with single touch

    – All day long clear and vibrant colors with rich pigments.

    – Use for base and blend in other shades for various makeup look

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    BBIA Plush Shadow

    – Smooth as velvet.

    – Create perfect eye look with one stroke

    – Containing rich pigments, keeps brilliant color all day long.

    – Use for base and blend in other shades for various make up look.

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    BBIA Shade and Shadow

    – Shimmering shade

    – Silky and smooth texture and delicate ingredients provide a darker shimmer shade

    – Create perfect eye makeup with single color.

    – Long-lasting color with specialized coating powder.

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    BBIA Pigments

    – High quality ingredients with silky shine color to create dramatic eye look.

    – Jewel-like glitters create glamorous eyes and gentle for your skin.

    – Application of wet formulation of BBIA, can creates clear and brilliant eye make up finish with one touch.



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