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Bbia Velvet Lip Tint (Asia Edition)

velvetasia thumb
SG . MY . TH . TW . VN
Superb comfort texture!
Smoothen out lip wrinkles!
Long wearing function!

EGLIPS Color Fit Eye Palette

Color Fit
Delicate & Smooth Texture!
Matte & Glitter Combination!
Easy & Convenient!
From Cotton & From Rosy!

Bbia Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (Renewal!)

Auto Gel Eyeliner New
Ultra Smooth Gliding Experience
Fast Drying, Super Waterproof!
Long lasting!

EGLIPS Blur Powder Pact - Hey Peach!

Hey Peach! Limited Edition Powder Pact!
Finely coated powder particles to blur out your pores!
Comfortable and smooth texture!
Contains pearl and amethyst powder particles!

Bbia Blur Tint (Volume 1)

Blurtint thumb
Dramatic blur finishing!
Light & airy texture!
Ultra long lasting!

EGLIPS Muse In Velvet Lipstick

Muse In Velvet
5 MLBB Colours For Daily Use!
Ultra Smooth Texture
Easy Application
Moisturizing & Long Lasting!

Bbia Last Lipstick Series

BBIA Last Lipstick Series
Soft cashmere like texture
Comfort upon application with no feeling of dryness
Brings out the sensuality of your lips
15 Colours

EGLIPS Cheek Fit Blusher

Cheek Fitr
Inspired by the watercolour pastel hues
Blurring effect and smoothen enlarged pores!
Fine powder particles and long lasting!

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