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BBIA: Love Blossom Set

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    BBIA Love Blossom Set

    Featured Look contains:

    1. Bbia Spa Light Foundation – Shade 21
    2. Bbia Last Pen Eyeliner – Sharpen Black
    3. Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint – Love Attack Series (06 Love Blossom Attack)
    $39.00 $32.90

EGLIPS: Dawn Blossom Set

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    EGLIPS Dawn Blossom Set

    Featured Look contains:

    1. Eglips Blur Covering Cushion – Shade 21
    2. Eglips Perfect Drawing Eyeliner – 01 Jet Black
    3. Eglips Apple Fit Blusher – 09 Caramel Pink
    $36.40 $29.90

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What's Hot

BBIA Cashmere Shadow

Soft and light like Cashmere
Gives you elegant and classy look
Luxurious and Sparkling colors available

BBIA Auto Gel Eyeliner - Wink Edition

Holiday Edition Wink Eyeliner
Glittering pen type eyeliner with beautiful colors
3 unique colors, long lasting for the whole day!

Eglips Golden Shimmer Lipstick

New Eglips Golden Shimmer Lipsticks
Contains Fine Golden Pearls with bright colors
Fine and smooth texture for easy wear
Resistant to smudge and wearing out for long lasting look

Eglips Blur Covering Cushion

Powerful Coverage with Delicate Fitting on Uneven Skin
SPF 50+ / PA +++
Professional Semi-Matte Finish!
Long Lasting & Comfort Wear All Day

Hanursinbihan Aronia King's Berry

Anti-oxidants Galore!
Special botanical formula containing Aronia King’s Berry
That is packed with anti-oxidants and other natural ingredients
Whitening, Moisturizing, Protection, Anti-Aging

Saranghae-Zoo Series Set

saranghae zoo
All the base makeup you need!
Cute all in one series
Excellent coverage for skin blemishes, uneven tone, sebum control
Suitable for all skin types and different skin tones

BBIA Last Velvet Tint

15 Exciting colors!
Velvet Mousse Texture
Long Lasting
Gorgeous Lips with a Single Touch!

Eglips Multi Unique Color Fit Stick

Excellent Coverage with Skin Correction!
Light & Natural Finish
Blends Well With Skin Tone
Gives Light Texture and Long Lasting!
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